Berlin: City of Smoke

The last four months have been gruelling for me, as I taught two classes a week, took care of my daughter half time, and spent every spare hour hunched over my drawing table, trying to finish the second volume of my comics trilogy Berlin. I had missed self-imposed deadline after self-imposed deadline, and I felt like the struggle to get the last chapter out the door would never end — like I was laboring under some sort of Tartarian curse that kept putting un-inked pages under my nose no matter how many I got done. Which, I guess, describes the normal life of a working cartoonist.

Anyway, a little over a week ago I finally shipped Berlin #16 off to my publisher, and the coincidence of that event with the long-awaited arrival of spring could not have been more a more fitting metaphor for my mental state. Within a few days, the four foot accretion of snow and ice outside had dissolved completely, the skies had turned from gray to blue, and everybody on the street had gone from woolen pants to skirts and shorts. There was hope!

I still have some revisions to do in the next few months, but the weight is off for now, and the collected second volume is scheduled for release on July 24th at the San Diego Comic-Con. The above image is a cover “sketch” for the book by Michel Vrana of Black Eye Design.


5 Responses to “Berlin: City of Smoke”

  1. mcbuck Says:

    The cover looks awesome! I really like the orange.

  2. Alec Says:

    Aw man, I am mega-pumped for this Jason. I am one of the “bad guys” who has waited this whole time for the collected book 2, so it will be a really mind-blowing experience to sit down and read this whole thing. Congratulations on reaching this second milestone!

  3. Alexx Kay Says:

    Woot! Glad to see that you’re producing more often. As I remarked to the wife when I last went to get comics, “Hey, a new issue of Berlin in less than a year!”

  4. Isaac Says:

    Now, THAT is some exciting news. I’m looking forward to it! Congratulations on getting it all done, Jason. Here’s hoping vol. 3 goes smoother for you!

  5. Phil Friel Says:

    I have every issue from #1, but Berlin really comes into its own in collected form. City of Stones and City of Smoke are gems of both historical fiction and the graphic storytelling medium, and look great on the bookshelves. Any news on the publication date for the third collection? I can’t wait…

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