Hi, Mom!

I never imagined this would happen, but I guess it’s old news that everything is on YouTube these days. You kids with your digital video!


5 Responses to “Hi, Mom!”

  1. Peter Wild Says:

    Hey Jason

    I hope you don’t mind me bothering you. I’m putting together three anthologies of short fiction (for Serpent’s Tail in the UK and Harper Perennial in the US) to be published over the course of the next three years – and I was wondering if you would be interested in contributing to one of them.

    The books in question are PLEASANT DREAMS: FICTION INSPIRED BY THE RAMONES, TRANSMISSION: FICTION INSPIRED BY JOY DIVISION & WHAT GOES ON: FICTION INSPIRED BY THE VELVET UNDERGROUND. The idea is: you take a song by the band in question and you either use the title as a jumping off point or you react to something in the lyrics or you play the song again and again on your iPOD and let the music conjure whatever it will – and then you sit yourself down and… fashion a short strip for me. The anthologies will include a number of short stories but I’m hoping to break that up by including between 3-5 pictographic contributions.

    If you are interested or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Best wishes

    Peter Wild


  2. Erik de Graaf Says:

    Dear Jason,
    Just today I discovered that you have a blog (a bit late)! I just finished reading Berlin, City of smoke and want to tell you I’m really impressed: the story, the different story lines, the atmosphere of the 30’s and of course your drawings. Very inspiring! I understood that there will be a third book, so that means that you’ve worked on it for a lot of years!
    I am working on a story currently which takes place in the Second Worldwar in Holland. The story (called Splinters) is about normal young people losing beloved ones, but also losing there youth during that dramatic period. If you like to know more (and I hope you like to…) you can find more on my blog:


    I try to create a platform for my work on my blog, because Holland is a very small country to get stories like Splinters published.

    best regards and keep on going,
    Erik de Graaf

    (NB, one of my short stories was published in the D & Q Showcase #2, couple of years ago)

  3. David Lasky Says:

    Happy Birthday, Jason!

    And congratulations (belatedly) on the new book!

  4. Rob Says:

    Your books are inspirational and your art is straight killer.
    I can’t wait for the third installment of Berlin.
    Keep drawing buddy.

  5. Mme Says:

    Why is the WSJ the only media outlet who is full of surprises these days? Not only a video, but one with a well thought out back ground.

    Enough. Get yourself back to drawing and create us another fascinating read.

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