About Me

I am a professional cartoonist, illustrator, comics educator, and armchair game designer. That is to say, I enjoy designing games from the metaphorical position of sitting in an armchair, as opposed to games about armchairs.


30 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Debbie Zeidenberg Says:

    Okay, fine, I give in. Just because Clemantine is so very lovely, and is also my (younger of two) daughter’s favorite song, (although your daughter is destined for a longer and happier life than the miner’s daughter) and we live really ridiculously close… I’ll email, rather than just procrastinate by googling old boyfriends ad infinitum…
    DZ (Amherst MA)

  2. Matthew Says:

    Dear Mr. Lutes,

    I write to seek your permission to run a few panels from “Jar of Fools” in a forthcoming textbook called “The Power of Comics: An Introduction to Graphic Storytelling” that I am co-authoring with Dr. Randy Duncan of Henderson State University.

    Continuum International Publishing Group will publish the book in 2009 with an initial press run of 3500 copies. Images appearing in the book will be printed in black and white.

    As an illustration for concepts discussed in the text, we are hoping to use page 98, panels 9-11. The caption will read: “In Jar of Fools (1994/1997) Jason Lutes uses pictures rather than words in a thought balloon to communicate a hungry man imagining pigeons as a piping hot meal.”

    Dr. Duncan and I are excited to see this book published, since we believe it represents the first scholarly effort to design and execute a textbook for an introductory college-level course in comic arts studies. We hope that we can count on your support to help make it both intellectually and visually stimulating.


    Matthew J. Smith, Ph.D.
    Chair and Associate Professor
    Department of Communication
    Wittenberg University
    Springfield, OH 45501
    Telephone: (937) 399-0689
    Fax: (937) 327-6340

  3. Dorothy Meyer Says:

    Hey guys,
    Inexplicably I will be a hop skip and a jump away from you TODAY(Fri july 18th 2008)- wondering if you are receiving visitors. Cel is 360-348-0978- I’ll try you on your other mail and try to get a # from ed and mel. LOVE YOU- Dot.

  4. Kenny Penman Says:

    Hi Jason

    I wonder if it might be possible to set up an interview with you for the 2nd Berlin book City of Smoke. Our blog is read by a lot of UK comics readers and professionals alike – http://www.forbiddenplanet.co.uk/blog and one of our regular contributors is a massive fan of your work. She is a pro’ journalist and had a review of your work published in the Times Literary Supplement previously (Jar of Fools) – she also regularly places pieces in the Irish Times and appears on RTE the Irish national radio station talking about comics. You can see some of her review work here.


    We’d love to do a piece on yourself and the book – if you think you would like to do it, can you let me know and I can hopefully put the two of you together.

    sorry for doing this through your blog – I’d e-mailed D&Q a while back with a request but got no reply – I suspect because Peggy was on maternity at the time.

    Kenny Penman

  5. Ashley Cook Says:

    Love your work! I read Jar of Fools a while back and posted some images from the book and my thoughts on it on my blog. I just found out you live in my neighborhood! I moved to Seattle not too long ago. Anyway, love the comics, can’t wait to read Berlin!

  6. Mom Says:

    Jeremy just sent me your blog url so I’m delighted to have another way to find out what you’re doing.
    My copy of City of Smoke arrived yesterday and I’m ordering another to send to Mr. Hood who will be delighted to hear about his favorite student.
    Hereby, I’m anointing myself your #1 FAN!

  7. Auntie Paula Says:

    I’m your #2 FAN!

  8. Roly Allen Says:

    I’m not related, but consider myself a fan… can’t wait for issue 17, of course. Congratulations on Berlin, even incomplete it’s an amazing bit of work.

    Funny that you spent time in Asheville. I’ve been a few times for work (I’m from the UK) and always have fun. Kind of.

  9. Jake Austen Says:


    Get in touch, I have a outdated mailing address for you.

    Jake Austen

  10. Keri Coker McKie Says:


    I found you. Very glad to hear you are still doing what is passionate to you. Hope all is well and I look forward to seeing more of your work.


  11. alex Says:


    alex cahill here. it was nice to see you for a sec at the last SPX, but it was so hectic i didn’t get a chance to chat you up. love to hear if you peeked though the book i gave you. feel free to check out my art blog, although i just started it: themiddlecut.wordpress.com.

    congrats on *city of smoke*! i had all the issues and bought the book anyway. you have no idea how many people i’ve made into jason lutes readers. the number is very large.

    i’m quitting shows for ’09 and secretly hoping not to do more until the last *poison the cure* is done (1/4 done with the third of four 104-pagers), but i hope to catch you at a show again and talk to you. keep up the great work!


  12. Nick Mullins Says:

    Hopefully you already know this or someone else clued you in, but you can download every issue of Simplicissimus on-line. The site is in German, but it’s not too difficult to navigate. Each volume is about 52 issues and there are 49 volumes in all, starting in 1896 and going to 1944. The people who made the site have a table of contents pdf for each volume at the top of the page for that volume. Anyway, here’s the page with links to each volume:

  13. gregbrown Says:

    Is waiting for a new update for your blog.

  14. Ben Fussiner Says:


    You probably do not remember me. I am a childhood friend of Ben Leff. I wandered into a new comic/graphic novel shop in my Brooklyn neighborhood and I was delighted to happen upon your book. Congratulations.

    – Ben Fussiner

  15. Jim Burke Says:

    Hi Jason!
    Congratulations on your illustrations published in the Sept. 6, 2009 of The New York Times Magazine! I was skimming through, (since I still just look at the pictures) and I thought, “this style of illustration looks familiar” when I glanced at the by line and sure enuf, there you were.
    I was a student in your comics class at SAFA, now Gage Academy in Seattle. I am happy to see you are so successful. Congrats!


  16. Yasmin Says:

    Hi. Thought you might be interested in a blast from the past. Pepe Moreno (Heavy Metal, Metal Hurlant, Batman: Digital Justice) is re-releasing some of his old titles with new art. They look amazing. You can check his blog at pepe moreno blog at blogspot. He has more recently branched out into political cartoons. Super sharp stuff. That one is ‘the angry gene at tumblr dot com’.


  17. Rimi B. Chatterjee Says:

    Hi Mr Lutes,
    I’m a major fan of your work, having had Jar of Fools recommended to me by a fellow comics writer. There is a small but dedicated audience for your work here in Calcutta. My students are currently passing my copy around, such that it’s falling apart and is held together by tape. I’m hoping I shall see it again sometime soon. As a writer I was particularly impressed by the strength of your story, not to mention the cool artwork. Great stuff!

  18. Giulia Says:

    Hi Mr Lutes,
    I’m writing a Thesis about your work “Berlin, the city of stones”. I would like to have some information about you and this book.
    Have you jewish origin? If not, why did you choose to write about Berlin in that period?
    At first, in what language was the book written? English or German?
    Thank you.

  19. lichanos Says:


    I’ve been reading your Berlin I, and I’m hooked. It is rather brilliant, really. You have the storytelling skills of a good novelist, and I love that clear line style. I suspect that you did a heck of a lot of pictorial research on Berlin to get the look of the streets, the interiors, the clothes – love those raincoats they wore then – and the streetcars. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything that conveyed the scary, turbulent political mix of the days so well.


    P.S. I’m sure I’ll blog about your books soon, so check out http://www.iamyouasheisme.wordpress.com if you want.

  20. Sue Says:

    Hi Jason,
    I recently discovered your work (Berlin) thanks to Seattle Public Library’s handy graphic novels brochure. It’s fantastic, and I’m waiting for Book 3 to be issued. Are you planning to finish the trilogy and if so, when? I can’t wait!

    Also, in my search for more info on you, I’ve discovered that you are indeed the man partnered up with Becka — an old Brown friend as well as a later acquaintance and volunteer coordinator at Seattle Tilth. Wow! I love this small world! I have wondered what has happened to her, and am thrilled to see that Clementine has now joined this earth, thanks to both of you. And now that I see you have a Brown/RISD connection, do you know my friend Joan who has also met comics success? Perhaps Becka can tell you about her.

    Please give my regards and tell her to connect with me if she wants using 90s technology. Those social networking sites scare me.

    Many thanks and good luck,
    New avid fan, Sue

  21. ross Says:


    Is there a way I can email you directly?



  22. Frank Says:

    Hey Jason,

    Im a big fan of your work. I cant find a copy of The Fall anywhere online or in any shops. I live in Austin, TX and Austin Books is a comic shop of epic proportions and haven’t had any luck scoring it. Any chances of Drawn & Quarterly reissuing it or do you know if there are any copies for sale floating around?


  23. jo Says:

    Dear mr Lutes,

    We have created a virtual online recreation of 1920s Berlin in the online world called “Second Life”.
    And we are about to have our Blutmai riots…
    I’d like to invite you for a tour of the city and was wondering if you have a page about your Berlin series I can send to our 500+ members and 50 new visitors every day so they can get to learn about your books about this city, see a few pictures and find out where they can get it.

  24. J.Lutes Says:

    Dear Mr. Lutes,

    I really like your work. I just think its funny since all my peers call me jlutes. What a small world we live in, where all the Lutes are in the open and very talented.

  25. KP Says:

    Mr. Lutes,

    I was doing some Dune boardgame google searches today and stumbled upon a thread on the “Quarterto3” forums where you discussed your Dune boardgame homebrew. http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/showthread.php?t=20205. A thread from 5 years ago. It immediately grabbed my attention.

    I play the old AH Dune boardgame here-and-there, and I was really impressed with your reskinning of the ‘combat wheels’ and especially the ‘tuck boxes’ for each faction. I’d like to ‘reskin’ my old Dune boardgame and had a few questions for you, if you don’t mind.

    I know where you got the artwork for all of the ‘tuck boxes’ but the Emperor/Corrino faction. Do you still have that source image? Did you size and print out those images and then glue onto the original tuck boxes?

  26. Julia Says:

    Hey Jason Lutes,
    you are doing great comic books – so we are desperately waiting for the third part of ‘Berlin’… When will it come out???
    Please tell us!

  27. Joao Paulo Ferreira Says:


    i’m happely a owner of your books, Berlin (missing the 3rd!!!) and Jar of Fools.
    I’m currently running a blog called Jar-of-Fools |a imagem| .
    I’ve semi-apropriated the name of your book and i’m not sure that’s correct. Would like to know your opinion about that.
    If worth, the link is http://jar-of-fools.blogspot.com/

    João Paulo Ferreira

  28. Joao Paulo Ferreira Says:

    Hi again

    The begining of the blog was like this http://jar-of-fools.blogspot.com/2010/11/jar-of-fools-what.html

    Sorry to bother

  29. Adrian Shoulders Says:

    Thanks again for that blog post.Many thanks again. Amazing.

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