Jar of Fools (1994)

The Fall (with Ed Brubaker, 2001)

Berlin: City of Stones (2001)

Houdini: The Handcuff King (words; pictures by Nick Bertozzi; 2006)

Berlin: City of Smoke (2008)



“Side Trip” (in Dark Horse Presents, 1997)

“Late Summer Sun” (in Drawn and Quarterly, 1997)

“We Three Things” (pictures only; in Winter Tales, 1998)

“Rules to Live By” (in Autobiographix, 2004)

“Small Explosions” (in Rosetta #2, 2004)



“The Secret Three” (with Jake Austen, in Nickelodeon magazine, 1997-1999)

“Sam Shade” (with Paul Karasik, in Nickelodeon magazine, 2002-2005)


5 Responses to “Bibliography”

  1. Christian Carez Says:

    Dear Mr Lutes, I love Berlin (1 & 2)!
    Two questions: 1. Is it because (like as me) you hate the swastika that she is never present in the nazi flag or is it for another reason?
    2. When will be available the third episod of “Berlin”in french?

    Thanks a lot and best regards,

    Christian Carez
    (sorry for my approximative english)

  2. Jason Lutes Says:

    Hi Christian,

    There are no swastikas in the books because I wanted readers to experience the milieu without that powerful, loaded symbol standing in the way. At the time it had nearly none of the significance that it does today, so I left it out to avoid skewing reader perception in one direction or another. What’s interesting is that people swear to me that there are swastikas in the book…

    As to the French edition of book 3, I still have to finish the English edition! It’s still about 3 years from completion, I’m afraid.

  3. Vemund Says:

    Hi Jason,
    I think your books are quite fantastic. Looking forward to 2013, then!



  4. Lucija Says:

    I have just read both Berlin books in a couple of days and was completely absorbed into your period of the Weimar republic. I remember learning about this historical period in school but was never quite so taken by it until now. Sometimes I would stare at certain pages for at least 30 minutes and try to soak up all brilliant images and subtleties in frame positioning and pencil strokes. Thanks Jason for creating such a wonderful and most of all beautiful series and giving the German people and Berlin in particular a fresh perspective. I hope more people pick up and love your books. And totally agree with Vemund – looking forward to the final part, The City of Light! Good luck with everything and don’t give up – you’re simply brilliant!

  5. Patti Says:

    Hello! I remember reading “The Secret Three” in Nickelodeon magazine years ago. I loved that comic and it was one of my influences for drawing comics. I don’t know where to find it anymore. Please help!

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